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Best places to visit in Asia

Asia is one of the most populous continents of the world. The continent covers over an area of 4457900 square kilometers which is 30% of the total area of the earth. The continent is surrounded by Eurasia, which divides Europe and Asia from each other; though it’s not a clear physical and geographical separation between the two.

The commonly accepted boundaries of Asia include Suez Canal, the Ural Mountains, and the Ural River in the east; Caucasus Mountains, Black sea and Caspian Seas in the south.

It is also surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the east and Indian Ocean on the south and Arctic Ocean on the north. Asia is the home to highest point on earth, the Mount Everest. Apart from lakes and rivers it is also a home to several geographical destinations like Himalayas, Kunlun Mountains, Ural Mountains, Gobi Desert, Takla Makan Desert, Mount Everest, Thar Desert, Island of Japan, Siberia and Arabian Desert,

From metropolises to remote islands, the top ten travel spots in Asia offers a healthy dose of ancient culture, adventure, and tranquility. It is a continent where you can find everything – a peaceful place to relax, a fun filled club to party or a remote dessert to explore and enjoy a tenting experience.

Let’s read about the best places to visit in Asia:


Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. The mesmerizing beaches of Bali are breathtaking; whether you are planning your honeymoon or a rejuvenation trip, Bali is set to fulfill all kinds of palates. People from around the world visit this beautiful place to experience the towering volcanoes surrounded with green canopy, fantastical landscape, and sandy shores fading in sea green water. Bali is a place that will never disappoint you. Visit it once you would want to come back again.



Tokyo is one of the fast paced cities in the world. Even Hollywood is deeply inspired by Tokyo and its lifestyle. It is one of the major cities of Japan which is constantly buzzing with fast paced cars in the streets, underground subway trains and clack down sidewalks.

The city never stops and feeds on motion and progress. The tech savvy locales, the latest gadgets, gizmos and whizz past monuments will make your day. The city also offers a view to one the world’s finest historical sites. Don’t forget to enjoy your sushi and sit in a fast paced train to tour the city.



The third best place to visit in Asia is Hong Kong. The territory was repossessed by China in 1997 after spending hundreds of years under British possession. English and Chinese are official languages spoken here. Hongkong and China observe one country- two systems policy. But Hong Kong separates itself from Beijing and shanghai with its multifaceted culture, vibrant and stunning cityscape.

The astounding juxtaposition of lush landscape and dense skyscrapers will take your breath away. Rugby pitches, sandy beaches, sky touching towers, and amiable people sums up hongkong. Tourism industry is doing great business in Hongkong, so you will find hotels, villas and all sorts of 5 and 7 star resorts. Hongkong's one of its kind metropolis and amazing culinary spots will satisfy your taste buds.



It is the 4th best place to be in Asia. Singapore is known for its travel customs and its tourism industry. The country has tall buildings, amazing green space, best culinary restaurants and best hotels in the world. Little India and Chinatown are beautiful enclaves that the city maintains.

Singaporeans are patriotic, and are very proud of the development that their country has achieved. The country is full of skyscrapers but still close to natural surroundings, their historical monuments, museums will give you an insight of its historical background.



Phuket is a place you would love to visit, in the midst of beaches; this beautiful city has something for everyone. Life is a party here. The tourism industry is a bread earner for 90% of its population. The party never stops in Phuket. People get even merrier as the dawn sets in. The beautiful beaches and their metropolis will keep you mesmerized and certainly make you want to visit this place again.

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