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Sex tourism destinations

Vacation is always a pleasant time for everyone filled with exciting adventures and new experiences. There are times when you have to travel far away from home just to get the sense of being free from day-to-day obligation and spend a full week or more trying to please yourself.

People take vacations for many different reasons; some travel to see wonders of the world, others want to witness the Great Migration, and there are also those who take the trip to satisfy the needs for adventurous sex. In case you have not noticed, sex tourism is a booming industry in many parts of the world, as sex vacation destinations are quite popular especially for gone wild couples or countries where prostitution is legal.

Below are the popular sex vacation destinations.


1. Dominican Republic

The beautiful natural landscape, friendly weather, and relatively low prices for things or amenities are only parts of the country’s attractions. In cities like Boca Shica and Sosua, sex is the main reason for a visit. Prostitution is legal in Dominican Republic, allowing for safe and almost risk-free sexual activities, especially if you look after yourself properly.

Some of the most popular resorts that cater to this kind of tourism are usually around city centre. All sorts of girls can be found from the darker Haitian to the lighter Dominican. Many girls have developed their bodies during early age, so expect to see mature-looking thick girls, although they don’t necessarily all have pretty faces.


2. Colombia

Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla are famous cities in Colombia for their sex tourism industry. Apparently the country makes its way to fame not only from its notorious cartels but also its overly welcoming nature. Words on the streets say that if you are fine-looking gentleman and good negotiator at the same, you can get full-blown service at discounted price; the same thing applies if you are a woman with real bargaining skills. Most women here have a physical-stereotype of curvy eye-catching features.


3. Thailand

A lot of good things can happen in Thailand; one of them is having good private times with sex workers. It has become the consensus that if a man or a woman is travelling alone to Thailand, you can safely guess that he/she is looking for the lust-fulfilling adventures. Even if the person has obvious reason to travel such as work or business meeting, engaging in sexual activity is almost a certainty. One of the best things about sex tourism in Thailand is that it does not discriminate gender identity; it does not care if you are man, woman, or homosexual, bisexual, or anything in between.

In Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok, the bars and nightclubs as well as massage saloons are all over the place. You can visit any of them and you don’t always have to say you need a drink. Many sex workers are working freelance; it is also easy to find sex workers in beaches or street corners. When you are in Thailand for sex tourism, you can consider the country a giant brothel filled with men and women (again, and anything else in between) from all over Asia. The prices are also not that outrageous. With a little bit more money, you can probably get some good extras.


4. Brazil

For many people, Latina girls and boys are must–try. In this South American country, beautiful sexy people are easy to come by. While prostitution is not actually legal in Brazil, you can find brothels and freelance sex workers all over the country. In 2014, during the World Cup, Brazil reached the highest sexual activity ever. When it is time for Rio Carnival, condoms sale reaches 1 million packs within only a week.

While it is not difficult to think that all those million condoms are all bought by tourists, it makes more sense that the sex workers in Brazil (men, women, and the rest of them) also contribute to the statistic. Brazilian girls are known for their physical characteristics of beautiful fleshy buttocks, and you can see that in many cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, and Sao Paulo. In Copacabana in particular, the view of outrageous asses split by dental-floss bikini will make you stay a little longer.


5. Netherlands

The most famous red light district in Netherlands is nowhere else but the capital, Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal and well-regulated in the country, so you can spend a whole lot of private time here without having to worry about breaking the law. As long as you are at the right place, the whole sex tourism industry will become apparent to you. In the red light district, there are quite numerous strip clubs, peep shows, and sex shops that cater to any sexual orientations, styles, and fantasies including all kinds of fetishes and kinks.

Once again, in the red district, sex workers proudly display their assets behind glass windows to tease you; it would be just like window shopping where you may feel the need to see them all before you make up your mind. They will play with your imagination at first, but eventually it is you who play with their beautiful bodies.


6. Ukraine

Prostitution is a busy traffic in Ukraine. Due to the seemingly never-ending economic hardships, many girls (both locals and immigrants from other countries in Europe and even Middle East) are in the sex tourism business. The nightlife in Ukraine is a bit more concealed compared to other countries.

The search for girls and boys is not going to be as easy as in Brazil or Thailand, but a lot of escort websites offer their assistance. Kiev is always good place to explore, and taxi drivers are more knowledgeable about the business than you think. Ukraine is a diverse country; the girls are not always tall, blonde, and leggy, but there are also Middle Eastern and European treats as well.


7. Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is in the Middle East, but it does not stop the country from being one of the hottest destinations for sex tourism. Alcohol is allowed, and the nightclubs are just another word for brothels. Even when you cannot find a lady or gentleman to take back into your hotel room, one of them will come knocking to your door moments after you get in.

In many other places all over the world, the general statistic for nightclubs visitors are 70% men and 30% women, but it is the other way around in Bahrain. Most of the girls are ready to please you as well, of course if the price is right. During the evening to midnight, the price can go skyrocket high, but it goes down to just about a half at around 2 AM. Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, is where sex tourism thrives.


8. Kenya

In the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi of Kenya, it is easy to spend money, time and energy to engage in commercial sex activities. While the country remains one of the best sex tourism destinations (not only in Africa, but the entire world for that matter), there is real risk of HIV; please be prepared and protected at all times.

Of course it does apply to all countries, but in Kenya the risk is pretty established. Do your research and find reputable nightclubs with controlled prostitution. There are many stunning beautiful ladies in Kenya, and the price is quite low.


9. Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the place for sex tourism in Cambodia. Although such industry in Cambodia is relatively new compared to other Asian countries, it is recently booming. Similar to Thailand, you get a lot easy access to sexual activities through massage saloons, nightclubs, and bars. In Cambodia, virgin local girls with their innocent petite looks are awaiting for the highest bidder.


10. Indonesia

In Indonesia, numbers are high but prices are low. If you are from the U.S. (or most other countries), the currency is at your side. It is easy to be rich in this country, and you can spend a lot of them for many exotic experiences like sex. Indonesian girls have so many different characteristics from dark, dark brown, to fairer complexion.

Prostitution is not illegal in almost all cities, and online escort websites are your best friends to find reasonably priced services. If you are a woman looking for romance, Bali is always the best place to go. The bronze men with their beach bodies are all around the corner. These dark skinned athletic males are hungry for the sex, the money, and the pleasure.



Tourism covers a lot of industries from wildlife conservation, culinary businesses, hotels, accommodations, transportations, and even sex. When you are travelling, engaging in sexual activities is the purpose, please understand and obey the local laws to avoid any problems when you are in various sex vacation destinations. In some countries prostitution is legal, while on others it is not.

Safety is also a major concern, so stay safe in whatever you do. All in all, sex is an established tourism activity and in fact a major attraction. As long as you obey the rules and practice basic safety, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit more adventurous with some strangers in strange locations in foreign countries as a sex tourist .


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