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Best honeymoon destinations in the world

Honeymoon is probably the most private, intimate, important, and dreamed about vacation you will ever take throughout life. The vacation is a celebration of a new phase in life; presented with upcoming challenges, you and your couple deserve a getaway from all the usual activities and spend a week or two just to please the body and soul. A honeymoon vacation does not have to be expensive, but sometimes splurging is worth every second of the experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Here are best honeymoon destinations in the world to escalate your romance to a whole new level.


1. Loisaba - Kenya

Covering an area of 56,000 acres, the Loisaba Conservancy in Northern Kenya probably is not your first choice for your honeymoon destination, but it should be on the top of the list for many good reasons. While it does not have fancy beach resorts or casinos, Loisaba offers a completely different yet unforgettable honeymoon experience. For the romance-related activities, there are suites filled with classic four-poster beds and timber decks to gaze endlessly onto the plains of Mount Kenya. If you feel like embracing the nature even further, go for the handcrafted star bed put in an open-air platform to spend an evening gazing at starry Kenya sky. For the adventurers, Loisaba offers guided safari, either on foot or horseback as well. Everything in Loisaba is thrilling when you are on your own, let alone with the one you love.


2. Sugar Beach - A Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia

In the Eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, there is an island country called Saint Lucia. One of the major honeymoon destinations in the country is Piton Peaks, sprinkled with dozens of villas that stand like towers guarding the territories from interferences that possibly ruin your private getaway. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well, and that alone tells a lot about how beautiful and unspoiled the territory is. As far as honeymoon experience is concerned, Saint Lucia has everything you could ever want with golden beaches, freshly grilled fish, warm waters, and rainforest tree-house spa. Honeymoon vacation in Saint Lucia does not come cheap, but you get heavenly bliss worth every penny.


3. Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil

To consider Ponta dos Ganchos an exclusive resort is an understatement. To start with, you are allowed to have your breakfast at 3pm if you so wish. There is almost no restriction in the resort’s attempts to amplify your relaxed honeymoon excitement. Let us not forget that this is the only place in South America where you can find Christian Dior spa, offering white tents with mesmerizing three-ocean view and wide enough bungalows to place double hammocks and everything else you need. There are also private pools to spend your time in complete privacy with the loved one. One of the major highlights of the resort actually is the staff. Everyone is happy to please by providing everything you may want even before you ask; the staffs remember your favorite drinks, they lit up the candles before you enter your room in the evening, and your initials are carved inside the hearts on top of your morning coffee.


4. Niyama, Maldives

In case you want your honeymoon to be packed with fun partying, Niyama resort in Maldives is right up your alley. It has all the suspects of a perfect honeymoon with lagoon and white sandy beaches, but the additional features are the real highlights. Instead of going to bed after 10pm, you can dive down into Subsix quite literally. It is an underwater restaurant that allows you to eat, drink, and dance among marine wildlife in the most exhilarating way possible. The place is located about 20 feet underwater and surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. After the exhausting party, get into the resort’s 24-hour spa and continue with a supper on an offshore restaurant to get back into the romance. On the next day before the sun goes down, take your loved one to a rooftop bar for a sunset drink.

5. Saint Anne Resort, Seychelles

Seychelles is located about 932 miles east of mainland East Africa, and it offers some of the most exciting honeymoon experience in the world. The archipelago consists of more than a hundred islands; among all of them, the Saint Anne deserves its own mention. It seems that there is always something to cater to honeymooners in the resort. You can dive, explore, dine, and even practice your yoga skills in the resort. When you are on the island, the surrounding areas are basically marine parks. The dining is almost always decorated with the scenic views of the sun and sandy beaches. The villas have pools to give your muscles some relaxations after a whole day of adventure. Imagine having all of that in a full week, and you may want to immediately plan for your second visit even before you leave.


6. Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, Thailand

Deep into a remote corner of Thailand, you’ll come across the Khao Sok National Park. It is home to hornbills, elephants, and rafflesia (the largest flower in the world). Deep into the heart of the national park, you’ll find the Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, and this is where things get interesting for honeymooners. Floating on the Cheow Larn Lake are 20 luxury tents; they are hidden from the rest of the world, offering unrivaled fancy resort experience in the middle of the jungle. Everything is furnished with suite-styled bedroom, hot/cold shower, electricity, and a lot of tiny details to make you feel spoiled.

Adventures in the wild and comforts of modern civilizations are combined into a single package. Swimming, kayaking, and trekking are simply 10 minutes way from your bed. Because the resorts are built with conservation in mind, your honeymoon experience is going to be environment-friendly as well. Electricity is generated from wind and solar power, furniture pieces are handcrafted, and even waste management system is eco-friendly.


7. Cipriani, Venice

Before you forget, let us talk about Venice. There is no way that any list of honeymoon destination can complete without this Italian city. A lot can be had in Venice, and the Cipriani is not to be missed especially if you are taking the vacation with your couple. The luxury of the experience starts right away from the moment you get picked up from the airport in a boat; it is relaxing and intimate at the same time without reducing the sense of fanciness and glamour. Once you step inside the place, you are welcomed by the astonishing chandeliers, silk curtains, and the fancy wood floor. Some of the highlights are the treatment room for couples, vineyard, wellness center, and eateries that overlook the city.


8. Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Typical experience in the Four Seasons Bora Bora involves snorkeling in a lagoon sanctuary where you can spot more than 100 marine life species, sunbathing on the terraces of fancy villas, snacking on seafood salads, soaking in tubs with mountain views, and paddle-surfing. Let us not forget that you can also have spa treatment in a cathedral-like facility and hot stone massage while watching the fish through the glass floor beneath you. All in all, the honeymoon days are just like any typical vacation, but on a lot of steroid.


9. Eiffel Duplex Terrace Suite, Shangri-La Hotel Paris

For some people, the ideal honeymoon vacation involves opening the room window curtain in the morning to reveal the majestic view of Eiffel Tower. This is where the Eiffel Duplex Terrace Suite of the Shangri-La Hotel comes in. This suite is for the glamorous as it is sprinkled with gold and beige furnishings, marbles, and real woods. Eiffel Tower for romance is probably becoming a little cliché nowadays, but enjoying the panoramic view of the Eiffel from your own private suite in a luxurious hotel still defines the perfect honeymoon for the vast majority of people.

10. Taj Lake Palace, India

If Thailand has the Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, India has the Taj Lake Palace. Many consider the Taj Lake Palace the most romantic place in India for good reasons. This palace is now more than 250 years old; this big white marble building is well-preserved along with almost everything inside. It is as if you are entering the world of fairytales just by looking at the ornate windows, hand-painted murals, and exquisite furniture pieces. When you take some steps outside of your door, the seemingly-floating hotel reminds you that you are in a sanctuary away from the normal busy life anywhere in the world.



Some say that honeymoon is all about the experience and the adventures; it does not matter where you have it, you can have perfect joy as long as you’re doing it with your couple. The statement is not entirely incorrect, but there is something about honeymoon that it forgets. A honeymoon is the most special time for every couple. While the experience is indeed the most important thing, there is nothing wrong with doing it in the best places in the world to escalate the happiness and intensify the love.


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